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ISO 9001: 2015

FASI achieved ISO 9001 certification for Industrial Parts Galvanizing this 2017.

We are currently working to implement the same strategy for quality certification processes Machining and Stamping 2018.

About us

FASI Technologies S de RL de CV

FASI was founded by Mr. Francisco Lopez M. in 1989 for a project of Ford Motor Company (Visteon-COCLISA).

Since then, FASI has been dedicated to the manufacture of prototypes, dies, injection molds, harness jigs, and high-volume parts.  In our interest to provide customers a more integrated service, in 2005 we ventured into galvanized processes. These include zing plating, anodizing, black oxide, and silver among others.

Employees and directors are committed to provide precise galvanized and machined parts, delivered on time, meet required specifications at a competitive price.

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Our machining shop is strategically equipped with machinery to perform operations such as milling, lathing, CNC, EDM, heat treatment and grinding thru which we are able to offer high quality machining at a competitive price. Both metal and plastic parts are built all according to customer’s needs and requirements.


Our galvanizing process lines are designed to ensure all materials are properly handled ensuring a finish that is resistant to corrosion, reducing abrasion and wear, increased resistance to temperature, and an improved metallic and cosmetic appearance. Our galvanizing services include finishes such as zinc barrel, rack zinc, silver, black oxide, anodized, gold, nickel, electroless nickel, electropolish, tin, copper.  Multiple sizes can be processed, from hardware to larger parts.

Powder Coat Paint

Powder coat painting allows any industrial product to have a more uniform coverage, improved appearance, and durability.  In FASI we have the facilities required for the proper application of this painting technique to any part.


Our stamping area has the capabilities needed to perform high quality parts, we count with numerous press machines ranging from 15 to 200 tons.


We manufacture different parts and structures according to customer needs.  Our capabilities include MIG, TIG, Oxyfuel, Steel, and Aluminum.


Developed as part of the space program NASA Dicronite is the trusted dry lubrication technology for airspace, molded plastic, medical devices, mechanical equipment, semiconductor industry and food industry. Like all our processes, it is made with the highest quality.

Machining equipment


  • Centro de máquinas verticales

  • Máquina horizontal

  • Máquinas de fresado

  • Tornos

  • Máquina de tornillo

  • Máquina pulverizadora automática

  • Maquina pulverizadora manual

  • Hornos de tratamiento térmico

  • EDM

  • Equipo de corte


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Cd. Juárez

(656) 633 1039 & 633 1040


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